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La Bougie Scent Nebuliser & Oil Blends

La Bougie Scent Nebuliser & Oil Blends

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La Bougie Scent Nebuliser

The Scent Nebuliser uses innovative technology to convert fragrance into a fine vapour that stays suspended in the air for longer. With a timer for continuous use or intermittent bursts, now even the largest of open plan spaces or the cosiest of rooms can be perfectly fragranced with the La Bougie Scent Nebuliser. Easy to use - no water tanks to fill, simply screw in your favourite La Bougie oil blend and hit a button. 

*Oils sold separate - not included with Nebuliser 

Oil Blends & Fragrance Notes

Honeysuckle & Sea Salt 10ml

Seagrass / Honeysuckle / White Musk

Mission Fig 10ml

Parched Earth / Fig Leaves / Blond Wood

Lemongrass & Ginger 10ml

Lemongrass / Ginger / Heliotrope

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