Why Cushions are your best friends!

Why Cushions are your best friends!

This week we have some beautiful new cushions in-store to add to our already extensive range of unique and fabulous accessories, so we would like to take the opportunity to provide you with some great inspiration on how to use them to change the look and mood of  the rooms in your home.


Moody Blues

Set the mood with colour and texture; linens for cool and contemporary, velvet for rich and luxurious, light botanicals are beautiful for a day room, darker colours and richer textures suit a room you may use more in the evening-time.  Everything looks different by daylight or firelight!


Two versions of the Fortezela large cushions from Voyage Maison that are new to the store.  Velvet-backed with soft fringed edging, so luxurious and perfect for living or bedroom.   Click on the cushion to buy!

Click to buy!

 The Birdie Denim cushion and the Alexei Peacock linen cushion are bright and fresh, beautiful for living room or  a conservatory.

Double-sided Cushions

Two cushions for the price of one! Super flexible double-sided cushions can change the look of your room in seconds, mixing and matching with a flick of the wrist.  Just make sure that all the options will tone, and work together well.

We've picked a selection above to get you started; Click on any cushion to buy!

 Mix it up!

 Cushions look great in groups with toning and contrasting textures and colours.  Pick just a couple of colours, like the blue and red above or the blue and green in the top picture, and your arrangement will harmonise beautifully.

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