Green has certainly been an “it” colour for 2022, and shades of green are not going anywhere other than in our homes for 2023!


Aboretum S/S Collection ~ Sanderson 

It is fast becoming a colour that is popping up in interiors everywhere and we love it! From walls, furniture and cushions to roman blinds and curtains we are seeing customers seek out this nature inspired colour in shades of emerald, forest, jade, olive and sage



Sanderson Fabrics



Voyage Maison Cushion - Ebony Rose Interiors


olive velvet accent art deco chair

Olive Velvet Art Deco Accent Chair ~ Ebony Rose Interiors

 Is there another colour with such a wide and wonderful range of shades to choose from? Add green as an accent colour through cushions, lamps, rugs and art work or don't hold back and paint the walls, wood work and radiators too! 

zoffany olivine paint

Olivine ~ Zoffany


   Terranium Fabric ~ Sanderson   

With their calming effect, nature inspired greens allow us to feel calm and relaxed as when immersed in nature.


Hedera Wallpaper ~ Sanderson

'Often associated with health and rejuvenation, green paint is an uplifting choice for any room of the home. It’s unmatched in its ability to bring life to any space, representing the balanced tones of nature and promoting a feeling of wellness and vigor.' says Patrick O’Donnell Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador


              Sap Green Farrow & Ball       Farrow & Ball Bancha

 Lichen, Sap Green & Bancha ~ Farrow & Ball


Goodbye Grey, Hello Green! 








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