De Nimes paint from Farow and Ball in dining room  India Yellow Farrow and Ball 

 De Nimes and India Yellow from Farrow and Ball 

In this month's Inspiration! post, Ebony Rose consultant interior designer Jessica Balfe has some top picks in dramatic seasonal paint colours to transform your home from bland to beautiful!


Transformation Information

Hi I'm Jessica Balfe, interior designer here at Ebony Rose. So if you ever wanted to transform and uplift a tired space, paint is definitely the answer. Painting a space or repainting an existing space is a great way to update easily and can make a dramatic difference to the look.  Refreshing a room from light to dark can bring an element of mystery and drama, create a moody tone and elevate a room. 



A colour I'm loving at the moment is De Nimes by Farrow and Ball. This is a bouncy and energetic blue tone and can be used in any space. It is a particularly great colour for living room spaces and hallways and it comes to life when teamed with a  complementary colour such as India Yellow by Farrow and Ball. 


Into the Light

Changing a room from dark to light can help the space to open up and feel airy, taking on a more delicate, softer personality. For the lighter tones I am enjoying Drop Cloth by Farrow and Ball at the moment. This off-white tone with a hint of grey is beautifully versatile. It is a great colour to use in kitchens and bedrooms and is stunning when paired with a stark contrasting tone such as Railings by Farrow and Ball. 

Drop Cloth from Farrow and Ball used in kitchen interior      Panelling, Farrow and Ball
Panelling in Drop Cloth and in De Nimes from Farrow and Ball

Panel it

Panelling a space is another great way to bring some interest and add more colour to a room. It creates warmth and texture and allows you to use two contrasting colours in the same space. 


 Railings Faroow and Ball in living room.

Buying Paint at Ebony Rose

 At Ebony Rose we carry three paint suppliers; Farrow and Ball. Zoffany and Sanderson. That painting or revamping project you've had in mind has never been easier. In store as interior design consultants we direct and advise you on what colour would suit each room. These colours are tailored to you and your home. They will be based on your personality and the practicality of how you use the space and any visions or ideas you may have.  During the time in which the store is closed due to Coronavirus, we have moved our paint store to the front of the shop, so that for anyone wishing to buy paint, it is safe to do so.  Interior consultations are still available but space is limited, please call 046 907 5432 or email for further information.

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